Swatch: A Hog Story Convo

Swatch: A Hog Story Convo John Fletcher, Carolyn Blaney, Grimsteak [(Steve) from Cruzin’ with Steak podcast] and Brandy Jennings have a free flowing conversation about anything that comes to their minds or their collective mind

S1E22: Puberty From Tennessee

Hog Story S1E22 – Puberty From Tennessee Executive Producers – Nodebit and Voidzero Carolyn and John discuss a wide range of topics, including Spicy Chicken Nuggets, Skinwalkers, laser turntables and much more

S1E21: Icon Bye

Hog Story S1E21 – Icon Buy Executive Producer – Archduke Thomas Nussbaum John and Carolyn discuss a wide range of topics including Dvorak’s promise of a glossy photo, babies going to movies, Star Wars fan films and much more